We like to simplify matters for our clients. In practice this means thinking along from the initial phase, and creating smart, useful applications that are easily to use for all users.

Business Intelligence

With the right information everyone in your organization can make correct business decisions. Or you can enrich your customer and partner relationships with our accessable business intelligence solutions. CS specializes in development and presentation of complex reports. Directly available from your web browser or any mobile device.

Real time insight into operational data? Quantified performance reports of all departments? Immediate predictive analysis? We transform data into information.

Systems integration

Mission critical applications are only truly valuable if they can communicate autonomously. By connecting financial systems, CRM's, ERP's and other applications, we make information readily available while ensuring less mistakes and a more efficient workflow.

The ideal approach depends on your current systems, architecture and business processes. We join databases, create interfaces or develop a fully integrated (web)application that connects and presents all relevant information. Any specific challenges? Do tell us.

Application development

Our software lets organizations work more efficiently. With this goal in mind we optimize the effectiveness of all our online stores, intranets, e-learning systems and other applications. Reliable, usable and fully integrated in your physical organization and systems landscape.

If you know precisely what you need, we will develop according to your exact specifications. Do you only have a general outline for the application? We will happily help filling in the details with you. Short developing times and remarkable solutions are our trade mark.

Long term relationships

We're happy that most of our clients transform into long term relationships. The solution for one problem frequently leads to other projects. Through our Software as a Service solutions and hosting services we also commit ourselves to our clients as long term partners. And that's exactly how we like to see ourselves. Right in the middle of your organization, as the logical choice for yet another successful cooperation.

Of course you can try to hire us for just one project. We hereby challenge you.



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